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Stash Belt

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Quality neoprene accessory to hold and conceal your bottle of synthetic urine with confidence.

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Stash Belt

The Stash Belt is the perfect accessory to hold and conceal your bottle of synthetic urine with confidence. You never have to worry about being exposed or your bottle slipping from under your clothing when you least expect it.

The Stash Belt is made from high-quality Neoprene designed to be comfortable when worn and to stretch to most leg sizes so it won’t slide or slip off your thigh. This makes it the perfect solution for when you need to take your synthetic urine bottle with you without drawing any attention to yourself.

Clear Choice prides itself for offering the best synthetic urine products and accessories in the market. Backed by the first in the industry 200% double-your-money-back guarantee!

  • Fits most standard size synthetic urine bottles.

  • Good for keeping your valuables concealed.

  • Made of high-quality Neoprene material for a comfortable and flexible fit for most thigh sizes.

  • Helps keep your bottle warm longer.

  • Can be worn for long periods of time.


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