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Apart from the hair follicle shampoo. All Clear Choice products have an expiry date printed on them. All products are guaranteed to have at least 6 months of remaining shelf life.

If you received a package with less than 6 months of remaining shelf life then we will replace it a week before it expires. You may contact our customer service dept.
NOTE: We will only authorize replacements for unopened(sealed products that had less than 6 months of shelf life from the date you received it.
Expired products shouldn't be used; products effectiveness will have decreased!!

As of March 21st, 2017, all product sales are final. Products may not be returned for a refund. Product exchanges will be accepted within 30 days of receipt of your package. Anything over 30 days automatically becomes non-exchangeable. The Customer is responsible for all shipping charges related to the exchange unless Clear Choice made an error with the order.

After consuming the One Shot Concentrate one's urine might change color due to the B2 vitamin in the product. This is normal and urine color intensity will vary from one individual to another. The urine color has no relation to the fact that the product is called One Shot Concentrate. Urine color intensity should reduce after urinating a few times. If the color of the urine persists during the test and any questions arise, you can simply say that you take daily multi-vitamins.

The effectiveness of the product will last much longer than the specified 8 hours. It's just that we had to draw a line at a certain point in time. Plus once the sample is taken it is sealed in a airtight container for transportation. However, to put all the chances on your side, we do recommend that you go and get your sample taken as soon as you can after using the hair follicle shampoo treatment.

No. This shampoo is safe to use on all body hair.

Yes, The Hair follicle shampoo will cover ALL toxins.

You need to abstain from food and water 4 hours prior and up until you provide your sample.

No,unfortunately, you can’t. When you purchased the product you accepted our terms and conditions which state that all products sales were a final sale without the possibility of a refund.

Yes,but all exchanged product must be received back within 30 days of the delivery date. Anything received past the 30 days of the delivery becomes non-exchangeable. You’ll also be responsible for all shipping charges.

Any guaranteed product will have the guarantee information printed on the package. If you do not see any mention of the guarantee on the package then this means the product no longer carries a guarantee.** As of March 1st, 2019, no Clear Choice products are covered by the 200% money-back guarantee or any other guarantee**.
If you purchased your Clear Choice product before we removed the guarantee you will be requested to submit additional documentation and the original packaging in order to support your claim.

No, expired products may have decreased in effectiveness and should not be used. Quite frankly It’s not worth the risk.

Yes. Once the solution is mixed you have 8 hours to do one of 3 things with it;
1) Use it

2) Put it in the fridge to use in the next 48 hours.

3) Put it in the freezer. (It will keep for up to 6 months)

For the Quick Luck and Incognito Belt if the seal is not broken, you may re-heat you synthetic sample as many times as you like. With the Sub Solution once it has been mixed it has a time limit for use. If you have frozen or had the sample in the refrigerator, you should only heat it for the time you will need it.

If you are under 200lbs you must only use the 17oz detox drink. Using the larger 32oz drink your test will come back as a diluted sample!People OVER 200lbs should use the 32oz bottle
The detox drinks were specifically designed to detox people by weight.
If you are a heavy user, we highly recommend you use a synthetic urine product.

Take out the heat activator powder and gently tap the vial to loosen the powder. Carefully pour about 1/8 of the powder into the vial's cap, then add it to the urine. Do not pour directly from the vial into the urine! It's very easy to overpour if you do this. Put the cap back on the urine, shake it gently for 10-15 seconds, then check the temperature strip. Repeat as necessary to get the urine to 94 - 100 degrees.
Do not add the whole vial to the sample in one go
Do not mix the heat activator in the sample cup.
If your starting temperature is low you may need to use the complete vial, but still add gradually
**Please be aware**
If your temperature strip is not showing a reading, it means your sample is TOO HOT or TOO COLD

Unfortunately, all our products are designed to mask ALL TOXINS! There is no possible way to only mask one type of toxin. The synthetic urine is designed to be completely toxin free and will not show up any metabolite trace.
It is not possible to add any type of drug to a urine sample for it to show on a test. The test looks for toxins that have already been ingested and turned into metabolites.

There are many reasons a test can come back as invalid or inconclusive. More often than not its a fault/discrepancy of the testing facility. They had a tampered sample or lost paperwork.
Our synthetic urine is exactly the right mix of compounds to match a human sample. It is designed to be toxin free and precisely what the tests are looking for. The only way a laboratory would be able to tell it is synthetic would be to do a D.N.A test and not only is it extremely difficult it is usually illegal.
You can dispute the results and be tested again.

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