This product has been manufactured using our 2018 updated Synthetic Urine Formula.

Oral Clear Gum

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Instantly neutralizes nicotine, prescription drugs and all other unwanted toxins from your saliva.

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All NEW Clear Choice Oral Clear Saliva Neutralizing Gum.

The world's BEST Saliva solution available.

  • Clears out Nicotine and all other toxins!

  • No abstinence period is required.

  • Effective in a blazing fast 30 seconds and will last 30 minutes

  • One single-use gum per package.

  • Remove gum capsule from tube, remove wrapping. Save wrapping for used gum.

  • With lips sealed, bite into gum capsule then allow liquid to spread through the mouth without swallowing.

  • Once you have chewed on the gum capsule for 30 seconds, your saliva will then be “clear” from all toxins for the next 30 minutes.

  • Although the gum is effective for up to 30 minutes but best results are obtained within 10 minutes after biting into gum.

*This product is not intended to be used on lawfully administered tests and is to be used in accordance with all federal and state laws.


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