Clear Choice is confident in the effectiveness of its products and offers the industry's first 200% double your money back guarantee on select items. 

Be informed that this money-back guarantee is valid only for purchases of a select number of Clear Choice products due to legal liability reasons. Rest assured that whether or not our product is covered by our 200% money back guarantee, they are still the BEST in the market that money can buy.


As of today, products that are covered by the 200% money-back guarantee include:

  • Clear Choice Hair Follicle Shampoo
  • Clear Choice Sub Solution
  • Cleaer Choice Incognito Belt

How it Works

Considering that Clear Choice will double your money (not including shipping fees or taxes) if you fail your test, they are very strict on the documents needed to issue a double money back refund for fraud prevention.

We highly suggest that you keep all product components until you receive your test results. This means keeping ALL packaging (empty bottles, box, cardboard, etc.) along with your original receipt.

In the rare event of a product failure. You will need to supply Clear Choice with the following:

  • Original dated store receipt
  • Product packaging
  • Official proof of failure

** Please be aware that only one refund per customer per product can be requested

Mail with delivery confirmation to:

Health Tech, Claims dept. P.O.Box 1497, Champlain NY 12919.

Request must be postmarked within 30 days of results. Please allow 4-6 weeks for processing.

Failure to supply all required components & documents will void your eligibility to the 200% double money back guarantee.


A 100% Guarantee is offered on our Herbal Clean Products directly from the manufacturer, and includes the following products*

  • QCarbo 16oz Detox Drink
  • QCarbo 32oz Detox Drink
  • Ultra Eliminex Detox Drink

* This is a manufacturer issued guarantee, offered directly by Herbal Clean, therfore please visit for full information.


As of today, products that are not covered by the 200% money-back guarantee include:

  • Clear Choice Oral Clear (Guarantee retired 01/2016)
  • Clear Choice SPIKE Additive (Guarantee retired 09/2015)
  • Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse 32oz (Guarantee retired 11/2015)
  • Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse 17oz (Guarantee retired 04/2016)
  • Clear Choice Instant Clean Add-It-ive (ICA) (Guarantee retired 04/2016)
  • Clear Choice One Shot Concentrate Detox (Guarantee retired 05/2017)


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