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How effective are the Clear Choice TM drug trace elimination products for passing a drug test for marijuana, THC, cocaine, methamphetamines, amphetamines, opiates, or pcp?

The Clear Choice products have a 99.8% success rate! Since 1993, Health Tech has been the leader in drug testing solutions. We were the first company in this industry to offer a 200% Double Your Money Back Guarantee! The Clear Choice products have an extended effectiveness that will put you in the "Clear Zone" for almost twice as long as other brands on the market. Don't depend on inferior imitations - Clear Choice has been trusted by thousands for years.

How do I know which product is right for me?

Do the products have an expiry date?

What is your return policy?

After consuming the One Shot Concentrate my urine is bright yellow / greenish. Is this Normal?

For the Hair Follicle Shampoo, if the window is only good for 8 hours, what happens when the hair follicle test is sent off for testing?

Is this shampoo only good for the hair on my head?

What toxins will this shampoo cover up?

How long do I need to stay away from food and beverages to use the Rescue Cleanse?

For the Sub-Solution, if I stopped using drugs at least 48 hours prior to the use of the product, will I still pass?

Is the synthetic urine unisex?

I no longer need the product can I send it back for a refund?

I ordered the wrong product, can I exchange it for the right one?

How do I claim my 200% money back guarantee?

My product expired, may I still use it?

What If I mixed the Sub-Solution and did not need to use it, can I keep it for a later time?

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